Helping you or your child communicate clearly with others and be clearly understood.


Helping you or your child communicate his message effectively with others and reduce frustration.


Helping you or your child sustain growth, enjoy meals, and increase quality of life.

Our Mission


Manorville Speech Pathology, P.C. is a private practice in Speech-Language Pathology serving infants and children, younger and older, at their most critical stages of life to maximize their ability to reach their highest potential.  Manorville Speech Pathology strives to provide highly-clinical, expert treatment through clinical and continuing education and specializes in pediatric developmental disorders in all areas of speech, language, and feeding. Our goal is to give children the opportunity to grow into happy, successful communicators in their families and our communities.



About us


Cheryl A. Rondinella, MS, CCC-SLP, TSHH, owner and founder of Manorville Speech Pathology, P.C. is a NYS Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist in practice since 1997. She graduated from Adelphi University, Garden City, New York with a B.A., Cum Laude (1994) in Communication Sciences and Disorders and a Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology (1997).

She completed her Clinical Fellowship at United Cerebral Palsy of Nassau County where she gained invaluable experience working with a wide array of impairments including feeding and movement disorders. She has practiced in the Early Intervention Program since 1997 specializing in feeding and motor speech disorders. She has gained extensive experience working with families in their homes with a variety of speech and feeding disorders as a result of Prematurity, Tracheostomy, Cleft Palate, Genetic Syndromes, and Developmental Delay. She has been the owner and Director of Manorville Speech Pathology, PC since its inception in 2002. Manorville Speech Pathology, PC is an Approved Provider of the NYS Early Intervention Program, Suffolk County Preschool Related Program, and accepts Major Insurance and Private Pay.

All Clinicians are NYS Licensed or completing their Clinical Fellowship Year through the Manorville Mentoring Program. Manorville Speech Pathology, PC prides itself on giving personal attention in a highly-clinical, client-centered practice. Cheryl supervises and educates undergraduate students, graduate externs, and Clinical Fellows and thoroughly enjoys teaching and mentoring.

Cheryl Rondinella is a Certified Member of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) and has earned multiple Awards (ACE) for Excellence in Continuing Education. She is an affiliate of Special Interest Groups in Administration and Clinical Supervision.  Cheryl has devised and instructed a Continuing Education Course for Speech Language Pathologists on Pediatric Speech and Feeding Disorders through Summit Professional Education.  Cheryl is highly-dedicated to remaining current within the field of Speech Pathology attending ASHA Conventions and Healthcare Summits in addition to ongoing continuing education especially in the areas of Childhood Apraxia, PROMPT Therapy, Feeding Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Speech Sound Disorders, Language and Literacy Disorders, Myofunctional Disorders and Supervision and Leadership.  Cheryl has completed the Leadership Development Program (LDP) and Mentorship Program (LMP) through ASHA. Cheryl is listed on the Apraxia Kids Provider Directory and has completed advanced training in apraxia with Edythe Strand through Once Upon a Time Foundation.  She has completed a 40 hour training in Orofacial Myology through the IAOM (International Academy of Orofacial Myology) and is knowledgeable in the area of myofunctional disorders.



We serve the home-based client in all of Suffolk County from the North and South Forks to the Nassau/Suffolk Border.

Manorville Speech Pathology, P.C.
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Hours of Operation: M-F by appointment, evenings available until 8pm

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The SmartPalate visually displays tongue-to-palate contact in real-time allowing users to effectively find and consistently practice targeted speech sounds.

The “ASHA Leader” ranked the Smart Palate as the 4th most innovative technology likely to revolutionize treatment of articulation disorders. Manorville Speech is excited to bring this technology to Long Island.

WHY SmartPalate?

Engaged, self-monitored practice during sessions and at home
Consistent repetitions for effective muscle memory development
Measurable progress on sounds from isolation to conversation
Differences between sound productions are clear
SmartPalate is a CompleteSpeech™ patented system

Manorville Speech Pathology is currently using the Smart Palate/Complete Speech system as a tool in some types of articulation therapy. Contact us to see if you or your child may be a candidate for this system.

Speech Buddies Tools can help anyone over four years old that has problems with one or more of the R, S, L, SH, or CH sounds. These tools are another method to help children speak clearly and gain confidence.

Speechbuddies tools have helped children and adults with a variety of speech and articulation disorders of all severities, including:
– Standard articulation challenges and disorders (lisps and mispronunciation)
– Hearing impairment (with or without cochlear implants)
– Autism spectrum disorder
– Craniofacial abnormalities (cleft palate)
– Childhood apraxia of speech

Speech Buddies Tools are  being evaluated for speech and articulation disorders associated with neuromuscular weakness, cerebral palsy, paralysis, and Down syndrome.

Feeding Delays and Disorders are increasingly more prevalent in the pediatric population. They can be as mild as food selectivity and refusal to inability to accept foods by mouth.  Feeding therapy and counseling is a vital part of the child’s treatment plan in order to help the child remain or become an oral feeder.  Motor planning, speech development, and feeding skills are intertwined and all addressed during feeding therapy.  Cheryl makes every effort to stay current on all areas of feeding development within a medical and developmental model.

Feeding Matters is a National Organization dedicated to children suffering with a Pediatric Feeding Disorder. It’s focus is on the education of parents, medical professionals, and the community at large to increase early identification and treatment of these disorders.  The creation of this Task Force has a goal to help increase awareness of the effects that these disorders have on speech, language, and overall development. Cheryl is excited to collaborate and serve as a Task Force Leader with Feeding Matters in Phoenix, Arizona to improve the lives of these children and their families.

PROMPT is an acronym for Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets. The technique is a tactile-kinesthetic approach that uses touch cues to a patient’s articulators (jaw, tongue, lips) to manually guide them through a targeted word, phrase or sentence. The technique develops motor control and the development of proper oral muscular movements, while eliminating unnecessary muscle movements, such as jaw sliding and inadequate lip rounding.

Therapists begin by helping patients produce certain phonemes. A phoneme is the smallest increment of sound in speech. For example, the “d” sound in the word dog is one phoneme, the “o” is another and the “g” is yet another. Each phoneme requires different muscle contractions/retractions and placement/movement of the jaw, lips, tongue, neck and chest to produce. All of these things have to happen with the proper timing and sequence to produce one phoneme correctly. The therapist attempts to “teach” the patient’s muscles to produce a phoneme correctly by stimulating all of these through touch. With the timing and movement of more than 100 muscles involved, you can see why the training is so intense.

Cheryl has provided PROMPT THERAPY since 2003 and has attended trainings in 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008, numerous study groups, Refresher Course, and online PROMPT courses.


Visit The Prompt Institute website


Monthly Trainings for Parents interested in learning about PROMPT THERAPY and functional activities to embed it within the child’s daily routines. Parent will learn general information about PROMPT THERAPY and how to apply it to their child’s routines for the following month. A home Program will be devised.

This training is offered to the general public and has no affiliation with any funded source.

Please email the office if your interest in this exciting new program!

Visit The Prompt Institute website







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Manorville Speech Pathology, P.C.
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